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  • St. Gerald Catholic School
  • 200 Old Sheppard Ave, North York, Ontario, M2J 3L9 CA

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      The risk of injury exists in every athletic activity. Falls, collisions and other incidents may occur and cause injury. Due to the nature of some activities, injuries may range from minor sprains and strains to more serious injuries affecting the head, neck or back. Some injuries can lead to a concussion or paralysis or prove to be life-threatening. Injuries as a result of participation in an activity can occur without fault on either the part of the child, or Kidz Can Play Incorporated, or the facility where the activity is taking place. A child choosing to participate in the activity assumes the risk of an injury occurring. The chances of an injury can be reduced by carefully following instructions at all times while engaged in the activity. Kidz Can Play Incorporated attempts to manage, as effectively as possible the risk involved for children while participating in the athletics program.

      In the interest of safety:

      1. Children must wear appropriate athletic footwear and clothing (and where required, protective equipment for the activity) for the athletics program.

      2. Certain types of jewellery can pose a hazard and cause injury to the wearer and/or other participants during practices and competitions. Children must comply with the instructions of the teacher/coach, following the governing body/association policy, and/or the school procedures, when requested to remove jewellery.

      3. Medic alert identification and religious articles of faith that cannot be removed must be taped or securely covered.
      4. We strongly recommend that children have an annual medical examination.

      5. Children must bring emergency medications (e.g., asthma inhalers, epinephrine auto injector) to all practices and competitions.
      6. Children must remove eyeglasses during practices or games. If eyeglasses cannot be removed, the student must wear an eyeglass strap or shatterproof lenses.

      7. Children must be made aware of ways to protect themselves from environmental conditions (e.g., use of hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, access to liquid replacement, insect repellent, appropriate clothing).
      8. A safety inspection must be carried out at home of any equipment brought to the program for personal use in Kidz Can Play practices and competitions (e.g., sticks).

      I hereby acknowledge and accept the risk inherent in the requested activity and assume responsibility for my son/daughter/ward for personal health, medical, dental and accident insurance coverage.

      Media Release Form:

      I give consent to my child to be photographed or filmed for the purpose of advertising Kidz Can Play Inc..
      I further consent that I will not hold Kidz Can Play Inc liable for any harm that may arise from unauthorized reproduction of either footage or photographs.

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      Sibling Discount: There is automatically a 10% discount on the sibling

      • Tuesday's from 6 pm- 7 pm, Oct 8 - Dec 3, 10 weeks

      • Tuesday's from 7 pm- 8 pm, Oct 8 - Dec 3, 10 weeks

      • Thursday's from 6 pm- 7 pm, Oct 10 - Dec 12, 10 weeks

      • Thursday's from 7 pm- 8 pm, Oct 10 - Dec 12, 10 weeks

      There are 3 options for payment. Cash, Cheque or Credit Card (3% surcharge for Credit Card). Please choose which option after you have submitted all the information.


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